Zeniitti shop quarter

There are some 40-50 M€ investments planned, and some 100 jobs projected in the Zeniitti area in the future. The number of registered overnight stays in the area is estimated to be approximately 115 000 in 2030. The national road 4 with circa 30 000 cars pass the area daily. The Oulu Airport and Kempele Railway station are nearby. Recreational trails and ski tracks pass through the area and the 10-hectare lake to be constructed will be a popular destination in the summer.

In the immediate vicinity of the motorway, a shop quarter is planned to offer a unique shopping experience with its distinctive surroundings and special shops. The shops range from clothing, shoes, gift items and jewellery to cafés. Retailing is also planned. The shops will surround an event square for year-round use. The square will make it possible to organise a Christmas market and other types of markets.

The companies to settle in the shop quarter are searched in 2019 – 2020, and a step-by-step framework agreement with the municipality is to be concluded.

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