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Kempele in a nutshell

Kempele is a youthful and agile municipality where urban and rural life meet in a lovely way. We can offer you roots and history as well as high-quality services and leisure activities.

Kempele in a nutshell:
4 accommodation providers
1 shopping centre
The smallest ski resort in Finland
3 stair-climbing stairways 
3 official beaches
1 seaside resort with a beach maintained by the village association
2 teams in Finnish baseball championship league Superpesis, women and men of Kempeleen Kiri
4 km to the Oulu Airport from the Kempele border
1 railway station
The most attractive municipality in Finland in terms of relative population growth
The lowest cost of living in a one-family house in Finland
120 new businesses a year
20 000 inhabitants

Kempele is known for:
The typo in the Kempele Hall sign, which now reads ”KEMPELEHALII”, ”Kempele hugs you”
Head office and registered office of Polar Electro Ltd
Home for NHL goalkeeper Pekka Rinne
Home for former Prime Minister Juha Sipilä
Areas and buildings with names starting with Z
Shopping Centre Zeppelin and Leisure Centre Zemppi
Mayor Tuomas Lohi

Kempele is located in the heart of the Oulu region with Oulu, Tyrnävä and Liminka as neighbours.
Come feel the pulse of Kempele!

Transportation and basic services

Oulu Airport
Lentokentäntie 720, Oulu

Kempele Railway Station
Asemantie 12, Kempele
Free long-term parking on the other side of the railroad at the end of Kaartotie road.
It is possible to use the train also between Kempele and Oulu, there are 6 - 5 daily connections. 
Parking map
Arriving and departing trains in Kempele

Oulu public transport provides local bus traffic services in the whole region.

Saaga Travel - Premier charter and coach service in Oulu and Northern Finland

Taxis and non-scheduled services
Taxi station: Asemantie 1, Kempele
OTAXI phone: +358 (0)600 30081

Kempele Health centre
Kirkkotie 21, Kempele
Phone: +358 8 669 2700

Kempeleen Ykkösapteekki: Kauppatie 2, Kempele Centre
Zeppelinin apteekki: Shopping Centre Zeppelin

Medical Centre:
Health Clinic Hälsa: in Zemppi, Pekurintie, Kempele

Alko Liquor Store:
Myllytie 3, in the same building as Lidl Kempele 

Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Travel is very important to all of us. We want to take environment into account in everything we do and guide our visitors to do so. We are committed to following the Finnish State Forest Enterprise's Principles of Sustainable Tourism:

1. Support the preservation of valuable features at the sites and promote their protection

  • Natural and cultural values are important factors in terms of attracting tourists.
  • We inform visitors of the values of the site and their protection and encourage visitors to act responsibly.
  • We develop services and direct the use of the sites, taking into account demand and the site characteristics.
  • We mainly use existing routes and service structures.
  • In construction, we also take account of local natural and cultural values.
  • We ensure that tourism does not compromise natural or cultural values and we prevent any harmful impacts proactively.

2. Minimise the load on the environment

  • We promote opportunities to travel to the destination on public transport with low emissions.
  • We increase the duration of visitors’ stay in the area.
  • We operate with energy and material efficiency.
  • We set a good example in environmental issues.
  • We enable and encourage visitors to act in an environmentally friendly manner.

3. Strengthen local aspects

  • Local knowledge, research information, experience and culture provide a starting point for delivering experiences.
  • The guidance provided is of high quality, and operators know the area and local conditions well.
  • We increase the appreciation of the site by means of high-quality tourist services.
  • We cooperate and offer local residents and visitors the opportunity to take part in the management and development of the site.

4. Promote use of the sites to increase health and well-being

  • We encourage visitors to engage in versatile natural and cultural experiences on their own and in guided groups.
  • We ensure the safety of all sites and services.
  • Our services promote equality.
  • We enhance visitors’ opportunities to increase their social, psychological and physical well-being.
  • We promote local residents’ recreation and improve living conditions in the area.

5. Promote growth and job creation in the local economy

  • We offer visitors high-quality services based on the attraction of the site.
  • We cooperate actively with other operators in the management of sites and the provision of services, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
  • We provide easily accessible and interesting information on the sites and services in advance using various channels.
  • We encourage visitors to stay longer in the area.

6. Communicate together the values and services of the site

  • We are committed to the values and basic messages of the site.
  • We communicate consistently and responsibly with different target groups both in Finland and abroad.
  • We collect feedback from stakeholders in order to improve customer satisfaction and our activities.
  • We organise training and cooperation events for operators in the area.
  • We encourage operators to commit themselves to these principles of sustainable tourism.

VisitOulu ja Pohjola route

Kempele is a part of Visit Oulu region and Pohjola route. Welcome to explore the region!