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Kempele has great opportunities for activities all year round! In the summer, sport centres, sport fields and the seaside with its beach volleyball courts invite tourists. In the winter, ski trails and the small but fierce ski resort Köykkyri are popular destinations. From Ouluntulli Kempele, you can reach the national sledding route. We have two official beaches for swimming, Mourunkijärvi in Juurussuo and the rock pool in Ouluntulli. In addition, the Vihiluoto village association maintains a swimming beach by the sea in Vihiluoto. There are also two disc golf courses in Köykkyri and in Vihiluoto.

Welcome to Kempele to exercise and enjoy your stay!

Indoor sports and swimming

Sport centres, sport hall and the swimming hall make it possible to exercise all year round. Try bowling or padel or different types of group exercise!


In Kempele we have two different official beaches for swimming. The rock pool in Ouluntulli is favoured by the young, and it is very centrally located by main road number 4. You can reach the beach through the Ouluntulli Neste service station.
The other beach is Mourunkijärvi in the middle of nature in Juurussuo. It is a real experience to bike to the beach on forest trails from Köykkyri, and you can make it a proper excursion in the woods for example by roasting sausages on the Marjakammi nature trail.
In addition to these, there is also the swimming beach maintained by the Vihiluoto village association in Vihiluoto on the seashore.

Outdoor activities

You can practice various outdoor sports all year round in Kempele. You have the choice of disc golf, beach volley, ball games, padel on an outdoor court, stair climbing workout on the longest stairway in the region, fatbiking and hiking in the beautiful forest terrain.
Welcome to get active!


Köykkyri is the home for hiking in the nature, stair climbing workouts and disc golf in Kempele. In wintertime, Köykkyri is known as the smallest ski resort in Finland with a 135-metre lighted ski slope, one lift and a snow park. The Köykkyri disc golf course is a popular course for both beginners and experienced disc golfers. In Köykkyri, you have easy access to nature trails by foot or by fatbike.


Vihiluoto is the seaside oasis in Kempele, well known for its bird population, its swimming beach maintained by the village association as well as the beach volley courts and opportunities for playing disc golf and skateboarding. The seaside restaurant Vihiluodon Torppa and the Finlandia Hotel Airport Oulu are in Vihiluoto.