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Christmas at the museum

The museum area is a typical square farmhouse yard from northern Ostrobothnia, comprising a residential building, cowhouse and a horse stable. The farmhouse museum, located practically in the Kempele centre, is of great historical value. It forms a part of the oldest habitation in Kempele, which was scattered along Kirkkotie street.

During the private tour we will experience a glimpse of the old Finnish Christmas at the museum area with a guide. The area is a typical farmhouse yard from 1886. The tour includes stories about the people living in the courtyard and museum buildings.

Wellbeing at work or party activities from Easymove

Easymove produces versatile activities for wellbeing at work, and for groups celebrating birthdays or stag or bachelorette parties. You have a wide choice of activities, from exercising in nature to body composition analyses, from indoor sports to party nights. Full service!

Contact Easymove and check out the packages. On the Easymove website you can also find price examples of various programs for groups of 10 persons.

Experience the best moments of your life!

Contact and bookings:
Pekurintie 2, Kempele 
Phone: +358 (0)50 472 2714

Cultural expanses – a sightseeing tour in Kempele and Liminka

A guided four-hour tour in Kempele and Liminka.
Authorised travel guides, experts on local culture lead us into the exciting local history in Kempele and Liminka. You will see and experience the culture of the expanses south of Oulu. We recommend this tour also for local residents who want to learn more about local history and hear local stories!


Go Arctic
Phone: +358 (0)8 415 277 75

Birdwatching and activities for your meetings

Finlandia Hotel Airport Oulu is located by the sea in beautiful nature with waters rich in birds. The hotel customers can enjoy the nature, and you can enrich your meetings, birthday or bachelor parties with guided nature activities. A birdwatching competition is a fun and educational activity for you meeting or stag or bachelorette party, and it is suitable for everyone.

Learn more and refresh your party with fun activities!

Contact and bookings:
Vihiluoto 10, Kempele
Phone: +358 (0)8 514 5100

Mountain biking and fatbike rentals

There are many good trails starting from Köykkyri. See the map of the hiking and biking trails here. 
Köykkyri is a popular area for independent and supervised fatbike safaris. If you want to organise your own safari, you can ask for the fatbikes to be delivered to Köykkyri.

Fatbikes are rented and safaris organised by:
TOPyhä fatbike rental
Finlandia Hotel Airport Oulu fatbike rental
Leijakoulu Lappis, rental and safaris
Lunki palvelut
Northern Rental

Murder mystery – a hilarious role play

Murder mystery is an exciting and deathly fun adventure activity for a group of at least 15 persons. It is perfect for team days or parties, staff events, teambuilding, comic relief after a meeting day and for private events. During the murder mystery you will learn new things about your friends and get creative!

Mafia murder mystery: 1920’s mafia, celebrity party, 1890’s manor house or murder mystery taking place on Titanic. 
The activity can be performed in many different places, and we recommend that you book the activity 2 to 3 weeks before your event.

The price is 85 €/ person for groups under 30 persons. For bigger groups, ask for a quote.
The price for the adventure activity covers casting and script for every character, and a professional to run the event – a complete service. 

Murder mystery is an exciting and unforgettable common experience that will be talked about happily for a long time afterwards.
The murder mystery service in the Oulu region is offered exclusively by Konffa event services.

Contact and bookings:
Phone: +358 (0)10 2926 500

Group rally and Team skills competition

What can you do with a drain tube, garden hose, wheelbarrow, logs, buckets and pieces of cloth...?
The program of the Group rally lists several bizarre sports. During the rally, your group will perform relaxed but challenging activities and have fun.
The team skills competition invites you to a fun-filled competition. The activity is designed to support teamwork and will require all the team members to participate. More information will not be revealed, as we do not want to ruin the excitement.
Everyone’s contribution counts in the games – seamless collaboration is required.

Welcome to have fun! :)

p.+358 40 1463 566

SUP paddling

SUP or Stand Up Paddle boarding is a water sport suitable for everyone. In SUP you stand on a big surfboard, and the paddling is both a great exercise and fun. You can make the exercise more demanding by increasing speed or by paddling upstream.
Leijakoulu Lappis and Botnia Outdoor organise SUP safaris, guiding, paddleboard rentals and courses. You can also bring your group to try canoeing, gymnastics in the park or gathering of wild herbs!
Get in touch and come, enjoy the water in a novel way!

Contact and book:
Leijakoulu Lappis (Kiteschool Lappis)
Phone: +358 (0)41 433 8602
Botnia Outdoor
phone: +358 (0)50 3707111


Canoeing is an easy and fun way to move in nature and a great programme for groups! Botnia Outdoor and Leijakoulu Lappis organise canoe excursions, guidance and courses on Mourunkijärvi Lake and in Vihiluoto.
Book the activity for your group and come enjoy physical exercise by water!

Contact and book:
Botnia Outdoor
Phone: +358 (0)50 3707 111
Leijakoulu Lappis
Phone: +358 (0)41 4338 602

Summer frolics

The summer frolics event begins with a joyful bedsheet volleyball game. Every player counts because success requires collaboration. After the game the fun continues in groups.
The group will do dexterity tests where both creativity and manual skills are needed. In Finnish tradition, javelin throw is part of summer. Even the brain is needed, as the participants try to find answers in a quiz where both facts and feelings will come in handy.
The integral program is riveting, and at the end, our guides will hand prizes to the smartest group.

The event is produced by Oulu Safaris. Welcome to compete!

Wellbeing at work in Vihiluoto

Located in Vihiluoto, Finlandia Hotel Airport Oulu offers variety for meetings or staff days. Start with a meeting or discuss common themes, have lunch and then step into the nature, the magnificent courtyard just a few steps from the conference room.
The afternoon program might feature Finnish Races with a nod to tradition – having fun and playing together, fierce but good-natured competition. The games are traditional Finnish ones: darts, boot throwing, slingshot games, horseshoe throwing and walking on stilts. And of course, the best team will be rewarded with the afternoon coffee! The program is engrossing and suitable for all groups.
The program is produced by Oulu Safaris.

Picking wild herbs or doing gymnastics in the park

Are you looking for an outdoor activity for your group, such as wild herb picking or gymnastics, yoga or kettlebell exercise in the park?
Ask for a quote for your group from several service providers at one time!

GoArctic Events proposes experiences to complete your meeting

The Head of Tribe
Hunting and military weapons have developed enormously during the centuries, but many of the ancient devices are still in use. Go Arctic Events has gathered the most traditional and most interesting ones into one program. What is a tomahawk? A mace? How do you throw a knife or shoot through a blowpipe? This and much more you will find out during the Head of Tribe. The members of a team will compete against each other in five different primitive games. Who is most skilful? Who will become the Head of the Tribe?

The power of laughter
You can laugh without hearing jokes. A lecture on laughter is suitable for large groups in an auditorium or lecture hall with a data projector. The lecture offers scientific facts on laughter and the benefits of laughter, with informative slides and interactive laughter exercises. You do not have to laugh, but laughs are guaranteed!

Read more and check out other meeting programmes on the GoArctic website.

Go Arctic
Phone: +358 (0)8 415 277 70

Go Arctic Live

Go Arctic Live is an agency specializing in program content for events and produces great entertainment and great events. Go Arctic Live employs dozens of stand-up comedians, musicians, actors and other entertainers who perform professionally throughout Finland.

Go Arctic Live is part of the Go Arctic family where you can also find Go Arctic Events for companies and Go Arctic Meeting services. Wellbeing at work coaching is also part of the product portfolio.

Phone: +358 (0)8 415 277 70

Hiking in Finnish

Discover the Finnish culture of hiking and prepare yourself for further adventures in Finland!
The guided tour through the beautiful forests of the Oulu region introduces you to Finnish hiking culture, to the Everyman’s Rights and sustainable hiking. You will learn about clothing in different weather conditions and some basic survival skills like lighting a campfire or using a compass. At the campfire you will prepare your own small meal and become acquainted with the special features of the nature formed in the last ice age as well as the local history.

In June and July, the tour can be booked as a midnight sun hike.

More Information and booking: +358 46 5819 257 Language: English, German, Finnish

Hiking & Relaxing

Open your senses and feel the invigorating impact of pure nature!
On this guided tour you will walk about 2 hours in the beautiful forests in the region of Oulu. Along the way light stretching and balancing as well as relaxation exercises and presence activities capture your attention and bring you back to the present moment. During a little break you will enjoy a small local snack. On our trip you will also become acquainted with the nature and history of the area around Oulu.
In June and July, the tour can be booked as a midnight sun hike.

More information and bookings:, Tel. +358 46 5819 257