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Municipal Culture services

The cultural and library services of the municipality of Kempele organise a variety of events and concerts for the residents and tourists to enjoy. There are performances all over Kempele, at the main library, the Local History Museum and the Pirilä Hall among others.

You can easily check upcoming events in the Events Calendar. More information is also available on the municipal cultural services and library website. 

Things happen at the museum

In the charming milieu of the Kempele Local History Museum, you will experience the atmosphere of the past century and enjoy music, theatre and events, especially during the summer. Come and enjoy yourself in the Matturi Courtyard.

For event organisers

For event organisers Kempele can provide both top experts in event organising and excellent event venues. Meet the service providers and contact us!

Events at Zemppi Areena

Zemppi Areena is a modern multi-purpose arena with entertainment events for both adults and children. There are often frontline Finnish artists performing.