Zeniitti Lake

The 10-hectare lake planned in the middle of the Zeniitti tourism area has served as a quarry for Destia, but its use was discontinued at the end of 2017 and management of the quarry was transferred to Kempele municipality in June 2019. The quarry will be replaced by a clear-watered rock lake when the drainage will be stopped. There is already a similar but smaller lake nearby, behind Ouluntullin Neste.

As the Zeniitti Lake will be in the middle of a tourism area, special attention is paid to landscaping and design, and the lake will become a major attraction in the whole region. General appeal is considered in the design. The sheltered part of the rock is protected from the wind, and that will provide a place for swimming.

The cliffs of the lake will be strengthened and mined, illuminated and fenced viewing paths will be constructed at the top and in the middle of the lake. There will also be viewing platforms, and an area for playing beach volleyball. Places for accommodation and sauna or café facilities will become available at the waterfront. The lake will become the third official beach in the municipality of Kempele. There will be recreational trails from many directions towards Zeniitti, and they will serve leisure and sport activities. Zeniitti is well connected both by car by major roads, and by cycle paths, ski trails and footpaths.

More information:
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