Shopping Centre Zeppelin

Shopping Centre Zeppelin serves tourists throughout the year with a splendid choice of shops and restaurants! 
Zeppelin is an easy stop on your way as it is located right next to the ramps of main road number 4 and from Oulu it is just 10 minutes drive. Around the shopping mall there is plenty of parking space and  a gas station. You can find all you need during one break.
In addition to the wide selection of specialty shops and a large grocery, we recommend the great restaurants – you can eat e.g. Chinese, Greek or Mexican food.

If you cannot think of anything to do, let's Zeppelin!

Zeppelinintie 1, Kempele
phone: +358 (0)8 554 0332

Zeppeliinintie 1, Kempele
Contact information

Info phone:  +358 (0) 8 554 0332