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There are a lot of events for children in local history museum and in Zemppi Areena

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Children love Kempele

Kempele is a great place to spend time with children, and the attractions are easily accessible!

In Kempele, the children especially enjoy Leo's Leikkimaa, Shopping Centre Zeppelin, The Local History Museum and the children’s concerts at Zemppi Areena. At the Linnunrata Farm you may visit the alpacas and walk them, and the Rajakorpi Ranch arranges Western riding camps suitable for children. In Köykkyri, there are good opportunities for outdoor activities, fatbiking and cross-country and downhill skiing, for children too.
The nature trail best suited for the little ones is in Vihiluoto, where at the end of an 800-metre accessible nature trail you can find a barbecue site and a bird-watching tower. In Vihiluoto, there is also a 7-hole disc golf, a skateboard park and a beach suitable for swimming. There are three swimming places in Kempele: Vihiluoto, the Rock Pool in Ouluntulli and the Mourunkijärvi beach on Juurussuo near the Linnunrata Farm.

Welcome to Kempele with children!


Local History Museum

The Local History Museum on Kirkkotie road near the centre is a traditional Northern Ostrobothnian courtyard where the buildings represent different time periods. Specialities include a small house built by WWII soldiers for their comrade in arms behind the frontlines as well as and a turf cottage, both unique in Finland. The current main building made of logs dates from 1886, with the main room, four bedrooms, porch and two verandas. In the beginning of last century, the Kempele Säästöpankki bank had its office in the “bank room” for about 30 years.

Kirkkotie 18, Kempele
Phone +358 (0)44 497 2301

Leo's Leikkimaa

Leo's Leikkimaa is a dream place for any boy or girl to play and move! Leo’s Leikkimaa has an excellent café and the play facilities are open every day of the year.
Near the Leikkimaa in Kempele there are many attractions for the whole family. The recreational swimming hall Zimmari, Shopping Centre Zeppelin, Zemppi Areena, Köykkyri recreational area and Forenom Aparthotel are just a stone’s throw away!

Honkasentie 15, Kempele
Phone: +358 (0)8 5400560

Traffic play park

The Kempele Traffic Play Park is in the Sarkkiranta sport centre and it is open during summer months, Mon-Fri from 10.00 to 16.00 hours. The Traffic Play activities are supervised and destined for children under 10 years old. In the Traffic Play Park, you can arrange birthday parties or children’s parties.

Alpaca Farm Linnunrata

The Linnunrata Farm on Juurussuo in Kempele raises alpacas in the wonderful countryside near Mourunkijärvi Lake. The Linnunrata farm also grows hemp oil plants in Tyrnävä, and you can buy food and natural cosmetics made with the hemp oil at the farm.
The Linnunrata farm works all year round, and groups can order alpaca walking and coffee service or hemp smoothies for snacks. In the summer, you can also try alpaca agility.

Visits on the alpaca farm are well suited for children, because alpacas are very calm animals and the rural surroundings are perfect for groups of children to visit.

Welcome to fall in love with alpacas!

Mourungintie 217
Phone +358 (0)40 831 4845

Rajakorpi Ranch

Rajakorpi Ranch organises Western riding camps suitable for both children and adults! Come meet the horses and learn about Western riding in nice countryside surroundings in Rajakorpi!

Rajakorventie 209, Kempele
Phone: +358 (0)40 5712516

Zimmari recreational swimming hall

Zimmari is a recreational swimming hall opened in 1997 in Kempele, next to Shopping Centre Zeppelin. The recreational swimming hall Zimmari is one of the most popular leisure attractions in the Oulu region.
Zimmari has activities for the whole family. The multipurpose pool has warm water, a jacuzzi and five hydromassage stations. The big pool is 25 metres long. There is a pool where children can learn to swim, and a 30-metre-long water slide. In addition, there is Crocodile Zimppa’s own area for small children with a wading pool and a slide.

Pekurintie 1, Kempele
Phone: +358 (0)50 316 9406


There is a comprehensive network of playgrounds maintained by the municipality, with a total of 30 playgrounds. The new playgrounds are built mainly to the growing residential areas Linnakangas and Metsärinne. The school grounds complement the playground network as the school yards can be used in the evenings and during school holidays.

Playgrounds on the map

Welcome to have fun with children!