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Services for sport clubs

Kempele can offer good and affordable accommodation for even big groups. Many places can be accessed by bus, so arriving and checking in is easy. You can eat your meals at restaurants or order catering.
Kempele has a great framework for team sports in Köykkyri, the Sarkkiranta sport centre and the Kempele Hall and Zemppi Areena. 

Click here to check out the sports facilities and the bookings and calendar of the indoor and outdoor facilities.
Ask for a quote for accommodation and meals to all the operators in Kempele at one time through the link below.

Camp School programmes in Kempele

There are two three nights and two day camp school packages for pupils searching for experience of Finnish lifestyle and local living. The programs are for winter season and spring-summer-autumn season.

In winter season we chase the auroras and learn the traditions of Finnish Christmas and experience the Christmas Eve. In other seasons, we learn the Finnish history at Kempele local museum. Both of the programs include outdoor activities, which will be done on the frozen sea during the winter and in the lightness of the nightless night during the summer time.

Easymove active camp school

Easymove organises crazy fun sport camps!

Easymove is in the Zemppi building, in the immediate vicinity of Shopping Centre Zeppelin and the Köykkyri recreational area.
You can select from a range of camp school programmes, and the activities proposed can be modified according to your wishes; you can choose from disc golf, snowshoeing, ball games, orienteering, urban warfare paintball or miniature golf.

Accommodation during camp school is conveniently arranged in Forenom Aparthotel in Zemppi.
Welcome to exercise, enjoy and learn!


Pekurintie 2, Zemppi, Kempele
Phone: +358 (0)20 734 2091


Visit to Linnakangas community centre and school

Visit to Linnakangas community centre and school. A guided tour and introduction to the basics of Finnish K-12 level education and on how we implement the pedagogy at Linnakangas School. Linnakangas community centre and school was built in 2008 and the most recent parts were opened in2016 and 2018. There are kindergarten, preschool and comprehensive school classes from 1 to 9 in the building. Altogether the house serves 900 students and 100 staff members. The main philosophy in the school is knowing each other, experimenting bravely, learning individually and succeeding together.

The building offers the students a flexible and reconfigurable learning environment, which is organized as learning cells. There are very good acoustic solutions used that make it possible to work this way. We cherish the feeling of community in everything we do. We have flexible arrangements for studies, a versatile pedagogy and teachers working in teams in every grade. We support learners in different challenges and we foster individual learning paths. We also focus a lot on the wellbeing of the students and the area where we work.

Target group of the program: Professionals in education


Principal Timo Kalermo
Phone: +358 444972242