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Must do in Kempele

Kempele is a diverse and growing municipality in Northern Ostrobothnia, about 15 kilometres away from Oulu. There are plenty of things to do and see in Kempele, and here are a few.


Zemppi is incredible, multifunctional building, that has well-being-, exercise and free time services. There is Easymove Gym, the modern bowling alley Boulis and Forenom Hotel in the Zemppi building. If that's not all, there’s also an accounting company Rätinki, a hair salon New Hair Store and a doctor's office in connection with the building. Zemppi is 3 kilometres away from central Kempele, across from the Shopping Centre Zeppelin. Go bowling and get your hair done at the same trip!

Kempele’s local history museum

If you are interested in museums and Kempele’s history, the local history museum is just the right place to visit for you. In the local history museum you get to see and learn from Finland’s only comrade-in-arms house and amazing timber cottage. Museum is open in summer time and other times by booking. 

Zeppelin Shopping Centre

Zeppelin is shopping centre in Kempele Ylikylä, next to the road 4. It is located across from the earlier mentioned Zemppi - building. Zeppelin has 100 stores and services. My own favourites are retail chain Carlings, cafe Espresso House and Stadium, which is selling sport items and clothes.

Alpaca farm Linnunrata

Alpaca farm Linnunrata is located in Juurussuo, Mourungintie 217.The farm is very special. The owner grows alpacas in Kempele and oil hemp in Tyrnävä. On the farm you can see alpacas, and there are also cats, chickens and a rooster in the yard. Sateen Tupa - farm shop and café is open by booking, during events and the highest holiday seasons. 

Leo’s Leikkimaa

Leo’s Leikkimaa is an indoor play park where children are guaranteed to have fun and move around. Park is free for adults and babies under 1 year old. There is also a café and restaurant in the park. Children feel well when they move around and exercise.