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Walking on the frozen sea is an experience to remember

The winters in Kempele region are snowy and the sea is frozen usually from December until the end of March. The length of the frozen time at the sea varies every year, so one must check the condition of the ice from locals or from the weather forecast. When the sea is properly frozen, the ice is very thick. You can for example drive by car on the ice and there is even an ice road to Hailuoto island near Kempele. The ice road is used in wintertime as main road to the island.
Frozen sea is a playground for many different hobbies such as ice fishing, skiing, ice-skating, sledging, fat biking, kite surfing, snowmobiling or just walking and enjoying the fresh air.
If you like to try for example fat bikes, check the rental places or guided tours in Kempele here. If you would like to try the sledges, check Topyha rental.
The Village Association of Vihiluoto maintains every year skiing tracks and ice-skating tracks to the sea and the condition of the tracks is depending on the nature.

The sunny days in February-March are very popular to spend time at the sea.
If you need a big space for any winter hobby in the wintertime, consider the sea. It is very easy to make for example a football course or to give children the space to run and play. In Vihiluoto, there is a nice restaurant Vihiluodon Torppa by the beach for a cup of warm chocolate or lunch between the hobbies outside. Other option nearby in Vihiluoto is spanish restaurant El Sabor in Finlandia Hotel Airport Oulu. The hotel has also a lappish hut for groups. 

Take a moment to enjoy the fresh air and the frozen sea!