Köykkyri recreational area

Köykkyri is situated in Honkanen near the Zeppelin shopping centre and Zemppi, and it is a centre for many sports and for outdoor exercise in nature. In winter, the area is known as Finland’s smallest ski resort and a good place to go skiing. Köykkyri has the longest stair climbing stairway in the Oulu region that is becoming increasingly popular.
The recreational area offers a variety of sporting activities all year round, such as mountain biking, disc golf, beach volley, cross-country running, stair climbing exercise, football or simply fun outdoor activities. During the winter, there are some 12 km of lighted skiing tracks circling in the area, as well as the Marjakammi and Pertinlenkki ski routes. The ski resort has one illuminated main ski slope, a drag lift and a snow park, a next to them, a downhill ice cross track.
There are many events all year round in Köykkyri. During the summer, the events focus on cross-country running, mountain biking and stair climbing exercises, and in winter, cross-country and downhill skiing. The ski slope and the café, which is open in winter in the sports hall, are run by the sport club Kempeleen Pyrintö. The area is maintained in partnership between the municipality of Kempele and Kempeleen Pyrintö. See the booking calendar of sports facilities on the Kempele municipality website.
The area will get marked hiking trails, the routes are currently being mapped. The area has a good network of unmarked trails for hiking and outdoor activities. For example, you can follow the trails to Marjakammi some 4 kilometres away, and Mourunkijärvi, which is one kilometre from Marjakammi.

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