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Skiing in Kempele

Kempele is a great place for cross-country skiing!

The trail network is diverse and well-maintained. You can ski from the starting point Köykkyri to the trail café at Linnunradan tila - alpaca farm during the skiing holidays (check opening hours). The distance to the café is about 9 km. The route goes through wide swampy terrain, so the atmosphere is like skiing in Lapland. That is why we call it the Lapland of Kempele. 

Coming to Köykkyri is very easy, there is Forenom Aparthotel nearby as well as Zemppi Areena, Easymove, Boulis and Swimming hall Zimmari. Also the Shopping Centre Zeppelin is near. 

Welcome to ski in Kempele! 

Trail map

Maintained trails in Kempele and the Oulu region